Implant Dentistry: What You Need to Know


Implant dentistry offers long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing solutions for addressing missing teeth problems. At Burton Family Dentistry, we aim to address some of the most common inquiries to help you understand when and why it might be necessary for you.

  • What is implant dentistry?
    Implant dentistry provides a durable and natural-looking replacement for missing teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, implants are anchored into the jawbone, offering stability and preventing bone loss. We can assess your suitability for this treatment.
  • When is it necessary?
    Dental implants are considered when you have one or more missing teeth, significant tooth decay, or injuries leading to tooth loss. Our dental care in Burton, Michigan, includes comprehensive evaluations to determine if implants are the best option for your dental health needs.
  • What are some of the benefits of implants?
    Beyond just improving your smile, implants enhance your overall dental health. They function like natural teeth, making eating and speaking easier. In addition, they support facial structure and prevent the shifting of adjacent teeth.
  • What is the process like?
    Getting implants involves a few steps, starting with a consultation with our dentist in Burton, Michigan. If you’re deemed a good candidate, the implant procedure is planned. Recovery and care are critical, but with proper maintenance, implants can last a lifetime.

Choosing us means selecting a team committed to your dental health. Our expertise in implant dentistry ensures that your procedure is conducted with the highest standard of care. If you’re considering dental implants, let us be your guide. Contact us today to learn more about our dental services in Burton, Michigan, and how we can help restore your smile and confidence.


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