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Dental Hygiene Burton, MI

Maintaining a healthy mouth and teeth requires good oral hygiene Burton and consistent care. From an early age, it is important to learn proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as to attend regular oral health check-ups and professional dental cleanings. Your dentist can also help you learn which products support a healthy smile – as well as which ones to avoid.

Brushing and Flossing

Brushing and flossing are the most basic of daily oral hygiene tasks, although most people are not doing either correctly. You should brush your teeth in the morning, as well as at night just before bed to prevent the accumulation of plaque. Take care to brush in a circular motion using gentle pressure, and don’t forget to brush your tongue, as well. At least once per day, be sure to floss, as well.

Choosing a Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Your dentist can help you choose a toothbrush and toothpaste that fits your individual health needs. In many cases, a soft-bristled brush is preferred not only for comfort, but also to protect the teeth and gums. Harder bristles can cause damage to the gums and enamel. We recommend using an electric toothbrush as it will allow you to clean the harder to reach areas better. When shopping for toothpaste, you should be mindful of ingredients. For example, your dentist may recommend looking for a toothpaste that contains fluoride, which helps protect against tooth decay. Others may benefit from a toothpaste that helps minimize tooth sensitivity.

Watch What You Eat

Your diet affects your wellness in many ways – including your oral health. Reaching for candy and sugary beverages can feed harmful bacteria, accelerating the process of tooth decay. The same is true of acidic foods, which can wear away at the enamel on your teeth. While you do not have to stop eating the foods you enjoy, consider doing so in moderation, frequently swapping out harmful items for those that promote better oral health, such as crunchy fruits, vegetables, and water.

Schedule Regular Dental Exams

You should see your Burton dentist with regularity – at least twice per year. Skipping even one dental visit can allow for the accumulation of plaque and tarter that are harmful to the teeth and gums. It can also allow hidden problems to continue undetected for a longer period of time until they cause uncomfortable symptoms or perhaps even irreversible damage.

Many dental insurance plans cover preventive care exams, but even if you do not have coverage, dental exams and cleanings can still be affordable at Burton Family Dentistry. Not to mention, the small cost of a check-up and preventive treatments can spare you the much higher expense of major dental treatments and restorations. Call us at 810-744-2982 to make an appointment with Burton Family Dentistry for additional information on how to eat a mouth-healthy diet.