dental crown

A broken tooth can be unsightly, as can a missing tooth. Without repair, you could also experience oral health problems, such as bacterial infection or the shifting of surrounding teeth. Crowns and bridges Burton are prosthetic tooth replacements that help restore the natural appearance of the teeth while also helping to prevent further damage or complications. The process of making a crown includes a number of steps, beginning with preparing and taking impressions of the tooth/teeth involved. A temporary crown or bridge is then placed on your teeth. Meanwhile, the impressions are sent to the lab where a mold of the teeth is poured and the work begins. The completed work is sent back to the office; after inspection and any necessary adjustments, it is cemented onto your teeth.

Dental Crowns Burton

Crowns are typically used to protect and restore damaged teeth. They are bonded to remnants of a damaged tooth – often after a root canal or when a cavity is too large to be addressed with a traditional filling. Dental crowns can also be used to protect a cracked or fragile tooth from external pressure or bacteria. In some cases, a dentist may recommend a dental crown for cosmetic purposes, such as if discoloration cannot be addressed using more conservative measures, such as tooth whitening.

A crown is only placed at the surface level above the gums, meaning there must be a natural tooth root or dental implant beneath to support it. Since they are custom-made to closely mimic the wearer’s natural tooth size, shape, and color, many of today’s dental crowns can fit seamlessly into the mouth, making them nearly undetectable to other people.

Dental Bridges Burton

Dental bridges are often used for patients who are missing more than one tooth consecutively. A dental bridge typically has more than one artificial tooth crown attached to it. Each end of a bridge can be anchored to a natural tooth or dental implant, securing it in position.

Depending on your needs and preferences, your dentist may recommend either a fixed or a removable bridge. Typically, fixed bridges are cemented into place and are a good option for patients who have retained their dental bone structure. Removable bridges can be worn and removed at the wearer’s convenience, although they can take some extra getting used to compared to their fixed counterparts.

Caring for Crowns and Bridges Burton

Crowns and fixed bridges Burton are placed with no intention of removal in the near future. They require similar care as natural teeth, although fixed bridges may also require a special floss to help clean beneath them. Removable tooth prosthetics, such as removable bridges, are easier to care for, as you can easily clean the bridge and gums when the bridge is removed.

In all cases, it is important to continue visiting your Burton Dentist for regular dental check-ups and cleanings to maintain the longevity of your dental prosthetics for years to come. If you have any questions about dental crowns and bridges and you live in or around Burton, MI, give us a call today at 810-744-2982 to schedule an appointment at Burton Family Dentistry.